Responsibility Of A Student Essay

The student must divide this budget between his rent, food shopping, transports, parties, etc.

It’s the time to learn, because when the student will start to work after they graduated it will be their money, and will not have their parents or a student loan to help them out.

This shows the importance of CSR for students in general.

Therefore we are looking for how a student can be more socially responsible himself or herself.

Furthermore, to optimize their learning time, students shall focus during the class and not disturb other students.

If they are efficient enough during the time spent in the classroom, this will for sure shorten the time needed afterwards to learn the lessons.

The goal of this essay is to identify all elements that are important for Individual Student Responsibility.

We have identified four key elements that are crucial for the Individual Student Responsibility.

Presentation written by: Maude GUETTE, [email protected] NORAZ, [email protected] OTTE, [email protected] supervised by: Assoc. This is called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

These are not only limited to ecological factors, but includes also the social responsibility and the economic aspects of the company.


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