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Moreover, I will always entertain all the guests with friendly manner.When the guests come in, we should greet the customer no matter how the customer is or how arrogant they are. We should let them feel that they are being respected. I hope my restaurant can provide warmth and blessing to each and every customer.

Moreover, I will always entertain all the guests with friendly manner.

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One of the most important service skills you can develop is the ability to understand and effectively respond towards the customer’s requirements and interest. The main responsibility is to confirm that all customers are happy and their requirements are met.

For instance, you must also have a pleasant disposition and possess the flexibility to respond to a variety of demands from your customers.

My employees must memorize restaurant's menu and taste all the food on the menu so that they will know how to answer customers when they ask about the question of their food.

Being familiar with the beverage, specials, meals and appetizers will help customers be easier to decide what to order.

I feel this way because eating at home is healthier, and it makes a lot more economic sense than going out for an expensive meal.

This assignment can let me improve my English and writing. Clean restaurant will make customers feel very relaxed and comfortable; they’ll be very pleased to visit again.

I enjoyed myself, but the amount I paid for it made me feel like I was being irresponsible with my money.

In conclusion, I certainly prefer to eat at home rather than at a restaurant.

Please explain how food plays in important part in your family’s cultural.

BIBLIOGRAPHY 16 Question If you owned your own restaurant, what kind would it be? However, what defines our cultural as much as anything is the food we eat.


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