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First, romantic, dark lighting made a satisfactory atmosphere. I could see all of Union Square and the night view which is beautiful. The inside chairs have cushions, so it is comfortable.However, the table is not big enough to put dishes on.It was very heavy and I couldn’t find the flavor of the white chocolate and it was more a raspberry jam than fresh raspberries.

Regarding the cheesecake, Moe was disappointed about the “low carb cheesecake with raspberries”; it didn’t really taste good but she thinks it is because the cheesecake is “light”.

In my case, I was more than disappointed about the “white chocolate raspberry truffle”.

Thank you to each of the students in Lou Ann’s class for creating such an organized review: it looks like the students definitely learned some new vocabulary words during this project!

We are always impressed with the writing skills of our English learners, and this is a shining example of the English language skills our students are achieving.

The restrooms are so small that people always wait and the aisles between tables are so narrow that people can’t pass by a waiter who holds dishes. Everything looked good until an experience I will never forget.

Moreover, they don’t have a place for people who are waiting for their meal. I sat in the balcony for lunch and people who were beside my table just left at that time.Besides, some people decided to go The Cheesecake Factory only because they listened to the name of this restaurant on the TV show!However, some people heard from their friends that the worst things are that you have to wait a lot of time because you can not make a reservation, and sometimes the staff is not so kind…In general, the first comments that most people heard about The Cheesecake Factory are good comments, although after their own experience some people weren’t too glad with some services of The Cheesecake Factory.Moreover, the tables and chairs are fixed, so if someone who sits inside wants to go to the restroom, everyone should stand up for him. They have those nice heater lamps around every table at night.But, many people complain about uncomfortable chairs in a balcony side. Those chairs have sunken areas, so it might make us feel uncomfortable.The Cheesecake Factory is not only famous for cheesecakes obviously, but for general dishes too, like pasta, pizza, meat and salad and others desserts, such as tiramisù or carrot cake. There are no specialties like Asian food or South American food.You can see a lot of dishes with international names but just the name is ethnic.In this restaurant, you can find many dishes, from appetizers to desserts.The huge quantities allow you to share the food and in that way, you can taste many dishes.The first Chantilly cream they put was not fresh and didn’t have a good flavor.When I first got there for dinner, I thought everything was perfect. There are high ceiling and swanky décor bathed in yellow lights. There are large pillars from the floor to the ceiling. Specifically, the view from the restaurant was the best. At that time I really enjoyed the sun because the weather was warm and the sun was shining.


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