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Designed for Year 9 students to explore multiple career pathways, the #Discover My Future program delivers a series of interactive workshops that take students on a journey of discovery about possible career options.While there will always be job-specific skills that your potential employer looks for, these days most employers will also want you to have a range of general or "employability" skills.

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Hiring Managers often only scan through the first few sentences before making a decision to either toss your resume or put it at the top of their pile.

Are you giving them a good reason to keep yours around?

Let’s go a bit deeper and discover how writing a good resume can transform your career prospects.

Resume writing is so important because this is your only opportunity to get your potential employer’s attention, and you often have to do it in a few seconds.

Most individuals know that a resume is a critical element in securing a well-paying job.

However, what is often overlooked is the quality of resume writing required to do so.Learning how to write a good resume, therefore, is more than just a matter of gathering facts. If your potential employer has to search to figure out what your phone number is, they aren’t likely to call you back. Instead of saying, “I worked at XYZ Company for 4 Years,” put the full title you held while working there. Don’t just tell people you’re amazing at Excel, show them!Here are a few simple tips to get you started writing a good resume that wows would-be employers. When you put that information at the top and in clear print, employers will appreciate it. Also write down your former responsibilities and the date you worked at the company. Write out how many years you worked on said tasks, or tell them how you used Excel to create an award-winning presentation for your company. Let’s say you’ve been out of the workforce for a few months because you recently became a mother. Show your employers how dedicated you are to your career by highlighting the skills you acquired by becoming a mother (i.e., patience, organization, time management).You can also approach an employment or recruitment agency.These services connect employers with potential employees. If you have completed (or are close to completing) one of our pre-apprenticeship courses we can connect you with an employer in your chosen industry.There are several rules and guidelines that companies prefer individuals follow if they are applying for a position with their company.Learning how to write a good resume is, therefore, an important step in getting the job you want.If you aren’t, chances are you won’t be getting the job you want.Obviously that isn’t a chance you should be taking.The unit is made up of industry professionals who have extensive experience, and will work closely with you to help you achieve your full potential.Enquire now Start your personal career journey by identifying your interests, building your career profile, and exploring occupations with myfuture and Job Outlook. You can find and apply for jobs on employment sites like Australian Job Search, Seek, and Career One.


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