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As part of a research study or paper you may need to identify and review relevant information on a specific topic.

As part of a research study or paper you may need to identify and review relevant information on a specific topic.

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Its effectiveness depends on the ability to link the findings or conclusions of other writers to highlight differences, similarities, weakness, and strengths. Any literature review is your critical analysis of published materials in a specific area, and it’s an assessment of sources that should provide university or other teachers with classifications, comparisons, and evaluations.

Students can include it in their thesis, article, or research report.

primary historical materials, case studies, narratives, statistics, recent scientific findings)?

As you evaluate materials for inclusion in the literature review, be sure to look for objectivity.

The introduction should define the topic and set the context for the literature review.

Which areas have been identified as needing further research? The format is usually a bibliographic essay; sources are briefly cited within the body of the essay, with full bibliographic citations at the end.The phrase literature review is option predominantly featured in the title or abstract. These groupings may be by subject, (e.g., globalization of clothing manufacturing), type of research (e.g., case studies), methodology (e.g., qualitative), genre, chronology, or other common characteristics.These are really great finds for your research to help you lead ahead in your research. What has been the focus of the research efforts so far and what is the current status? Within these groups the author can then discuss the merits of each article and provide analysis and comparison of the importance of each article to similar ones.Sometimes in empirical research, the literature review is its own section. It’s one of the most popular questions that many students ask.The Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students video from North Carolina State University provides an excellent introduction to conducting an extensive literature review for a course assignment, thesis, or other research.In conducting a literature review you will want to survey scholarly journal articles, books, and other sources (e.g.If you also wonder how to complete this written assignment, take time to get a clear understanding of its definition and read this helpful guide.Literature reviews as critical considerations of the studies and works of other authors, including articles or any other source, about a specific issue or field.Since literature reviews reference others articles, you may find the buzz words commons in theoretical and empirical articles.. It can point out overall trends, conflicts in methodology or conclusions, and gaps in the research.Existence of these words is common in review articles. The body of the review should organize the research into major topics and subtopics.


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