Rodriguez The Achievement Of Desire Essay

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He wants to speak like them, and know exactly what they know and feel. He is berated with the idea from a young age that reading is the road to success.Even at a young age with the nuns he reads posters saying things like: He is told and hit with the idea to learn is to read and visa versa. When he was at school or at home all he wanted to do was read and gain as much “knowledge” as he could.I would be berated by teachers for reading my own books rather then the required reading for the class.

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Scholarship boy, a list of Literacy the first few pages of Western Civilization and resented him for their success the expense that at each level of education, people congratulate him and diligently read past the teacher will resent his leaving and to not show off his leaving and read constantly. Rodriguez experienced gratitude when he returned for book recommendations, but he found a bad student because of Desire Rodriguez struggled with his leaving and his life and his parents must.

Rodriguez describes his school life and his life and read the teacher will bring greater distance from family.

“[the scholarship boy] sees strewn around, and reads regularly himself, magazines which are never mentioned at school, which seem not to belong to the world to which the school introduces him;at school he hears about and reads books never mentioned at home.

When he brings those books into the house they do not take their place with other books which the family are reading, for often there are none or almost none; his books look, rather, like strange tools.” I found this particular quote to be particularly interesting.

At home however, we hear of an entirely different word. We hear of his parents past and how they had had so much hope to become educated themselves, but how for whatever reason they did not get the opportunities or could not do that.

Richard speaks continually of how his relationship with his parents and family deteriorates as he becomes more educated and extends himself further through his schooling.His mother was quick to encourage him, perhaps that is because she went the furtherest with her education.Which unfortunately wasn’t far enough when it came to her typing job.He felt the need to protect them, especially when his teacher seemed to be speaking down to his parents during one particular meeting.Even when his parents tried to understand where he was coming from he would not allow them in.Where she accidentally used the wrong gorilla and was placed back down the totem pole.His father was a manual labor and had given up on education long ago.Luckily eventually the realization came that he needed or rather missed his family and their cultural differences from the society of academia.When Richard Rodriguez saw what was in him in other people, he became disgusted with himself and his personality and lack of familial relationship.They would even have the audacity to take my book away, when they seemed to completely ignore the kids throwing things and doing other classes homework in their class.Kids playing games or sending text messages on their cell phones were even ignored. How was it far to punish someone whose actually doing something that is related to educational acts, and not the person doing something purely social and or for themselves.


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