Rogerian Model Thesis

A Rogerian essay asks the readers not to give up their own positions, but show how they would benefit from moving toward the writer’s position.Sometimes, the final section of the Rogerian argument explores ways to compromise or finds alternative solutions to the problem (topic) to benefit both the reader and writer.

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Rogerian argument assumes that if a reader and writer can find common ground about a problem, then they are more likely to find a solution.

Rather than presenting an issue that divides readers or a thesis that demands agreement, the Rogerian argument doesn’t begin with the writer’s position at all.

You will engage your audience in a fair and convincing analysis of an issue’s multiple perspectives and persuade those readers of the validity of the position you support.

Audience: Imagine you are writing to an audience of educated people who have a stake in opposing your view.

For example, the gun registration writer might concede that this law should only apply to new sales of handguns, not to guns the audience already owns.

Now, are you a student searching for some Rogerian essay topics for your academic project?It IS an essay based on your own ideas, observations, arguments, opinions, facts, etc., which are supported (in part) by those of other people.The goal of the research essay is to present a well-informed argument about a specific topic that integrates and synthesizes ‘outside’ sources.For example: The writer, in an argument in favor of handgun registration, might begin by stating her respect for individual rights, especially the right to self-defense and protection of one’s property, and show appreciation for sportsman and collectors, who regard handguns and equipment for an activity or collectibles to be valued.In the body of a Rogerian argument, the writer describes the reader’s perceived point of view on the problem, acknowledges the circumstances and contexts in which the reader’s position or perspective is valid, and also gives an objective statement of her position.In the conclusion, the writer presents his/her thesis.By making some concessions or compromises, the writer invites the audience to concede as well and hopefully reach an agreement about the issue.Instead of the traditional win/lose model, this style of argumentation focuses on building bridges between the writer and audience in order to find common ground.The structure of Rogerian argument usually follows the outline below: In the beginning of the paper, the writer introduces the problem/topic while exploring the common ground and relevance of the topic that s/he shares with the audience.Instructions for Paper #2 Rogerian-style Research Essay Due on 2/9/2016 at 6pm on Bb This research assignment is probably unlike ones you’ve encountered in the past.One of the goals of this course is to introduce you to a variety of writing styles within the academy and beyond.


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