Romeo And Juliet Assignment

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She cannot go through with this marriage as she has wedded married Romeo and consummated it. He mentions “my fingers itch” but does not actually hit Juliet.

An Elizabethan audience would recognise this and understand how Juliet felt, as to get married again would be breaking a law of God. Capulet sees this issue of disobedience from his daughter as “chopped logic”, something that is illogical and unfounded, again reflecting Elizabethan culture. The reason the films have used this visual abuse is to appeal more to a modern day audience.

No longer do we see the sweet, naive, obedient girl who respects and obeys her parents, we perceive a strong, tough young woman who has alienated herself from the only adults she knew and is willing to die than obey them.

The scene begins with the morning after Romeo and Juliet have spent their one and only night together; their marriage consummated and the audience very conscious of this act.

The atmosphere is calm and tranquil, very amorous and romantic though with a sense of sorrow.

Both films have expressed this with tranquil, serene music playing softly in order to enhance the atmosphere.

Act 3, scene 5 is a key scene due to it being the middle of the play in which the audience would expect a high impact scene with a huge turning point of the story line and of the characters.

This scene contains a multitude of emotions, from the love and harmony to the drama and desperation.

”, a line so poignant and emotional as we know that they shall never meet again.

Then as Romeo departs, and Juliet looks down on Romeo as sees him “As one dead in the bottom of a tomb”.


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