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Their tragedy occurs, again, depending on how you interpret the text, either because their love is "death-marked", picked out in the stars to end disastrously or because of a series of inexplicable, random accidents that conspire against them (Mercutio's death, the non-delivery of Friar John's letter, and then - crucially - the arrival of Romeo at the tomb only five minutes before Juliet awoke). it's down to you, really, to decide what you think Shakespeare intended!

Thank you so much Robert William, Your comments were so help-full to me! Australia Both Romeo and Juliet fall in “love” quickly, but they are presented from very differing perspectives.

Perhaps: you can read the haste either as teenage, sexual love or as the necessary propulsion of love at first sight.

It's our job as readers to evaluate: Shakespeare doesn't provide any answers.

I agree that you can put your own twist/views with Shakespeare and he really did raise a lot of valid points about love in Romeo & Juliet! Romeo falls in and out of love quickly--look at Rosaline.

Juliet, however, does not want to marry the man her father has picked.

All the interpretations could be - and have been, in the theatre - supported by the text.

And as for why the couple die - well, it certainly isn't because of their love, lust or lack of either.

Shakespeare uses this metaphor to display the theme of love as lust, as Romeo is smitten with Juliet's aforementioned dazzling beauty, possibly mistaking his attraction to her physical appearances for real love. These couplets are used twice in the same scene to show love as lust, first being when Romeo tells the Friar of how he has fallen out of love with Rosaline and into love with Juliet, to which the Friar replies, "And art thou changed? The Friar, instantly realizing that Romeo is in lust with Juliet rather than true love, tells him lusting will never bring the desired ... In Act II, Scene II, Romeo equates love with Juliet. A more liberal interpretation of Juliet's love is, simply, lust. If Romeo is by nature a lover, and he loves Juliet in as much as he knows about loving, and if Juliet is by nature very sexual a... Throughout time, there have been many tragedies caused by romance and lust.

Yet, there is another interpretation, which arises from the soliloquies of both Romeo and Juliet, considering each love independently - that Romeo is a lover of the first definition, enamored, and that Juliet and her love for Romeo are best described by the baser classification. The famous play, Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare, reflects the archetype of love in two forms, thereby enhancing he greatness of the play. This love is better defined as lust, or love at first sight, as Romeo did not even know Rosaline, and had only seen her. The famous love story of "Romeo and Juliet" is a perfect example. Due to the feud between the Montague and Capulet families, Romeo and Juliet desperately needed consultation after they discovered their forbidden love for each other. After Romeo was banished from Verona, Juliet had come to a crossroads. She would then meet her love, Romeo when she awoke and they would run away forever. Love is a major theme within Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. Originating with kinship love, Juliet evolves in the presence of Romeo and develops a romantic, true love. When Romeo and Juliet must consummate their marriage after the wedding, Shakespeare makes it clear that their love is clearly different.


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