Romeo And Juliet Film Analysis Essay

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Mercutio here plays a role of a very loyal friend, because he dies while defending the honor of his friend, Romeo.Romeo cannot accept the challenge of Tybalt, Juliet’s cousin, because unknown to Tybalt, Romeo has just married Juliet.

In the text of the play, Romeo purchases the deadly poison from an apothecary, and proceeds to insert it in his pockets.

In the film, the scene where Romeo acquires the poison is entirely missing.

Romeo thus has his reservations on dueling with his wife’s cousin.

Mercutio, ever a loyal friend, steps in on behalf of his friend, but he unfortunately dies in the ensuing battle.

In most cases, the written text of a play has variations from any movie adaptation.

The written texts of any play contain stage directions that serve as a guide for the reader.

Since Romeo is the one that kills Paris in an effort to get to his ‘dead’ wife Juliet, the murder of Paris casts him in bad light, and may deny him the sympathy of the viewer.

The film thus omits this act of murder so that Romeo may experience the full sympathy of the viewer of the film.

Although stage directions in the text of a play tend to give the reader a clearer and better understanding of the setting, they can also be interruptive for the reader.

As the plot of the play develops and the reader gets more involved in the reading of the play, the constant need to read the stage directions has a disruptive effect on the reader’s interaction with the play.


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