Safe Raiding Bf4 Assignment

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Now that you understand what you are trying to unlock, I will outline the long list of requirements to get anywhere near unlocking this opinion polarizing weapon.I expect that after reading the requirements, you will understand why I refer to it as the ‘Phantom’ Phantom bow.

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Clicking on this will open a command prompt style page.

After all the mumbo jumbo finishes spouting its nonsense, you will be asked to enter a password for Phase 1.

Elementofprogress has been all over the Battlefield 4 game files.

Recently, he found out about the Ballistic Shield and the Desert Eagle which will be a part of the upcoming Battlefield 4 DLC called Dragon’s Teeth and now elementofprogress has dug up some new information about the DLC.

I suggest you attempt to finish these assignments on the final stand map, as you will be running around looking at the floor like some sort of newb maniac who has never played an FPS in the pursuit of the next requirement.

Before I explain what is expected of you, I will list the assignments tasks: Phantom Prospect Assignment Score 200 kills with Assault rifles. Get a total of 300 meter headshot (meaning collectively, not a single 300m headshot)Phantom Trainee Assignment Score 200 kills with pistols Score 20 kills in a jet Get 2x Shotgun Ribbons in a round Phantom Initiate Assignment Get 200 LMG kills Get 50 kills with explosives Get 25 roadkills These assignments will unlock two camouflages, one for your gun and one for your soldier, and a dogtag, all of which need to be worn to gain entry to the Phantom Bows secret location.After clicking on that, the global leaderboards will open.If you look at the bottom left of this page, you will see a very small silver skull icon.However, you have to expect to get exclusive perks for paying the price of a full retail game on top of the price of the game itself. The next thing you must do is log into your Battlelog on the official Battlefield 4 web page.There you will see “leaderboards” as one of the tabs at the top end of the page.These boxes will be white if the map is a snow covered one and brown if on the muddier maps.I really can’t emphasise how small these things are, and they will be very easy to overlook, not to mention they will be randomly spawned.The shield will protect players from small fire arms such as pistols but the user will take slight damage from explosives, vehicles and from weapons which shot high caliber rounds, such as snipers, before being rendered useless.The Remote Assisted Weaponized Robot will also be a part of the DLC. After the recent release of the Final Stand DLC for Dices Battlefield 4, a huge easter egg hunt took place, with several convoluted steps and many frustrated players. Maybe I am just being sceptical because I am yet to unlock said bow, but I do sort of feel that its place in this game is a bit odd.It is a pretty powerful weapon that can deal a large amount of damage if close enough, and will guarantee a kill with a head shot.


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