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Use quotes from across your dataset that best encapsulate the themes you are presenting. For example, Veronika suggests illustrating how you moved from your coding framework to your themes. There will be a stage during analysis and write up when it seems undoable.Unlike quantitative researchers who begin analysis with a clear plan, qualitative research is more of a journey. Be sure, though, to allow yourself enough time to make sense of the rich data qualitative research generates.

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Veronika suggests that collecting and analysing a smaller dataset well is preferable to producing a superficial, rushed analysis of a larger dataset.

5) Blur the boundaries between data collection, analysis and writing up Veronika strongly recommends keeping a research diary or using memos to jot down your ideas as your research progresses.

Doing qualitative research requires you to adopt a different way of seeing and interpreting the world around you.

Veronika asks her students to reflect on positivist and interpretivist approaches: If you come from a scientific or medical background, positivism is often the unacknowledged status quo.

This enriches their understanding and allows emerging theories to be explored.

6) Move beyond the descriptive When analysing interviews, for example, it can be tempting to think that having coded your transcripts you are nearly there. You need to move beyond the descriptive codes to conceptual themes and theoretical thinking in order to produce a high-quality thesis.Be open to considering there are alternative ways to generate and understand knowledge.2) Reflect on your role Quantitative research strives to produce “clean” data unbiased by the context in which it was generated.Although in the minority, these respondents will often provide more meaningful insight into the phenomenon or concept you are trying to study.8) Bounce ideas Veronika recommends sharing your emerging ideas and findings with someone else, maybe with a different background or perspective.To learn more or modify/prevent the use of cookies, see our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy.Writing the problem statement of the dissertation is a responsible task for every beginning researcher, since this section is usually under the close gaze of the dissertation committee, and it is the strongest evidence of your study’s value and importance.With qualitative methods, this is neither possible nor desirable.Students should reflect on how their background and personal views shape the way they collect and analyse their data.Veronika warns against falling into the pitfall of thinking writing up is, “Two interviews said this whilst three interviewees said that”.7) It’s not just about the average experience When analysing your data, consider the outliers or negative cases, for example, those that found the intervention unacceptable.


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