School Exchange Visit Essay

Will there be a home stay with students and families? How soon can students begin communicating with their global partner?

Is there a service project the students can do collaboratively?

The first global contact is then made between administrators of the two schools.

This relationship affirms the plan to develop an exchange program with teachers and students and the goals and timeline for the exchange.

During the past several years, students have visited sister schools and educational institutions in 21 cities on five continents.

This article examines how the exchange programs are set-up and how we find funding for them. Department of State to encourage American cities to partner with cities internationally in order to build citizen-to-citizen diplomacy.Seminar classes are organized for all international trips.Payton’s schedule allows for seminars to meet nearly every week, providing time and resources for students to prepare for the trip by delving into the target country’s history, geography, current events, and global concerns.Traveling internationally is not foreign to Walter Payton College Preparatory Academy students.In the past decade, the school faculty worked hard to make sure that in order to live up to the school motto—“We Nurture Leaders”— it includes a global vision of leadership.Knowing the implications of an interconnected world for their students, the school decided that the world would become Payton’s classroom.Payton’s motto, “We Nurture Leaders,” recognizes the critical need for students to understand and connect to the world, and to develop cultural competencies and multiple perspectives on issues and events.The Global Connections Committee, composed of teachers who have experience with exchanges or who are planning trips, and the administration approve all applications.At Payton, teachers and students fundraise year round.Students are chosen through an application process.The teacher determines the unique criteria for each exchange.


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