Service Oriented Architecture Phd Thesis

Service Oriented Architecture Phd Thesis-87
Perspectives on Web Services discusses service modeling challenges and architectural decisions required during Web services design.However, it does not cover conceptual SOA design issues around service composition and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).The term "Service-Oriented Analysis and Design (SOAD)" first appeared in an article on IBM developer Works from June 2004.

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There a number of technologies available to realize SOA.

Among them, Web services and the set of related specifications (referred to as WS-* family), and also services that are built following the REST (REspresentation State Transfer) architecture [8] (called RESTful services) are gaining the momentum for integration at the data level.

This system’s architecture consists of distributed engines, each of which is responsible for executing part of the overall workflow.

It exploits parallelism in the workflow by decomposing it into smaller sub-workflows, and determines the most appropriate engines to execute them using computation placement analysis.

Orchestrating scientific workflows presents a significant research challenge: they are typically executed in a manner such that all data pass through a centralised computer server known as the engine, which causes unnecessary network traffic that leads to a performance bottleneck.

These workflows are commonly composed of services that perform computation over geographically distributed resources, and involve the management of dataflows between them.

Centralised orchestration is clearly not a scalable approach for coordinating services dispersed across distant geographical locations.

This thesis presents a scalable decentralised service-oriented orchestration system that relies on a high-level data coordination language for the specification and execution of workflows.

DISSERTATION submitted in partial satisfaction of the requirements for the degree of DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY in Information and Computer Science by Roy Thomas Fielding 2000 Dissertation Committee: Professor Richard N.

European Commission (EC)'s Grid Research 2005 - 2010 Agenda: Next Generation Grids is another high profile effort that recoginses the importance of Grid Economy and started initiatives that advance it.


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