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As drawing styles changed, so did drawing materials.

The earliest known drawings date from 30,000 to 10,000 B. They were found on the walls of caves in France and Spain.

The flat, linear forms often resembled the ornamental patterns made by metalworkers.

Drawings were used in the preparatory stages of a work of art during the Middle Ages, but few survive.

Artists then copied the drawings instead of working directly from live models or from nature.

Modern drawing in Europe began in the 1400's in Italy, during the period known as the Renaissance. The production of drawings also increased steadily.They helped artists keep a record of images they frequently used.Pen-and-ink drawings of the human figure, costumes, plants and animals, and many other forms were collected in model books.Introduction and Overview When we speak of drawing as an art form, we are referring mainly to an artist's use of line to make a picture. One of the first main functions of drawing has been as a first step in the preparation of a work of art in another medium.However, the definition of drawing can be expanded to include the use of color, shading, and other elements in addition to line. These mediums include painting, sculpture, or architecture.Artists carefully studied the physical structure of the human body for the first time and began to draw from nude models.The portrayal of the human figure became increasingly realistic.Art students first trained in drawing before going on to painting, sculpture, or architecture.Drawing was used as a tool for the study of nature, which was becoming increasingly important.These great works of art show the Greeks' ability to draw graceful figures and decorative lines.In the Middle Ages, from about the 400's to the 1400's, art was produced mainly to glorify God and to teach religion.


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