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When he also applied for a patent both applications were rejected due to the counterclaims and the official's opinion that it was easy to reproduce.

Both men received a reward with Metius receiving a nominal sum, and Lippershey was awarded a significant commission to make copies of his telescope.

A refractor telescope uses a glass lens as its objective.

The glass lens is at the front of the telescope and light is bent (refracted) as it passes through the lens.

Clicking on the image will lead you to more information about this telescope (and better pictures! The second picture shows an astronomer (Kyle Cudworth) next to the objective to give you an idea of the size of the telescope.

Notice the size of the people in the first picture!

In the following article, we will journey through time and explore 15 of the most significant telescopes, and their inventors where applicable, in history ranging from the first recorded telescope to space-based telescopes observing everything from visible light to gamma rays.

The following list is in chronological order but is not exhaustive.

The third picture is the 0.91-meter (36-inch) refractor at Lick Observatory. Clicking on the image will take you to the Lick Observatory webpage about the telescope in another window.

to Sir Isaac Newton to the great Edwin Hubble would all contribute, over time, to the development of some of the most advanced scientific pieces of equipment ever devised by man.


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