Short Essay On Visit To A Park

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After visiting twice in one summer, Banff National Park became one of our favorite spots in Canada.

Although both road trips were too short, one was three nights and the other was two, we were still able to cover quite a bit of ground.

It was a thrill to see lovely golden fishes swimming in the water.

We visited the entire huge expanse of the area covered by the zoo, and saw all the cages of animals and birds but the best area I liked was the natural habitat created for the lion.

Near his home there is also a huge pond filled with water for the lion to drink water.

The atmosphere created is just like the jungle we visualise to be where the lion is supposed to live.There we saw beautiful birds with multi-coloured feathers.There were pelicans, Siberian crane, peacocks, peahens, sparrows, Nightingales, Kingfishers, etc.One of our favorite pastimes quickly became gazing at the bright blue lakes with rocky mountains in the background.There are so many spectacular lakes throughout the park, and depending on the light, the range of blue hues varied along a spectrum that we never knew was possible.The most entertaining were the playful chimpanzees.They were showing various tricks and we all enjoyed their acrobatics.From bright aqua to a milky blue, we witnessed shade after shade.In addition to staring at the lakes with our jaws flapping in the wind, we canoed on Moraine Lake twice, camped in two different campgrounds, hiked the Johnston Canyon Trail and the Sulphur Mountain Trail, rode the Banff Gondola, soaked in the warm waters of the Banff Upper Hot Springs, explored the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, and wandered around the adorable downtown area of Banff.We saw the cranes, storks, ducks and swans swimming in the pond. We were very amused to see various kinds of monkeys, gorillas and baboons.I was very delighted to see my favourite animals, which included tigers, lions, leopard and cheetah.


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