Solving Linear Word Problems

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be provided with an equation, diagram, or graph on a word problem and must instead use your reading skills to translate the words of the question into a workable math problem. Secondly, these types of questions allow test makers to ask questions that'd be impossible to ask with just a diagram or an equation.For instance, if a math question asks you to fit as many small objects into a larger one as is possible, it'd be difficult to demonstrate and ask this with only a diagram.

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As a reminder, a is just an algebraic expression that represents a line.

These equations typically have one variable and look like 3x = 9 or y 4 = 10.

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Whether your problem is a geometry problem or an algebra problem, sometimes making a quick sketch of the scene can help you understand what exactly you're working with.

In these equations, we're trying to figure out the variable, which involves getting it alone on one side of the equals sign.

There are simple problems that involve linear equations. Hopefully, the passengers will have finished their linear equation word problems and look up in time to wave. So, they'll meet 5 hours into their respective trips.You almost always must have a solid understanding of the math topic in question in order to solve the word problem on the topic.You might also get a geometry problem as a word problem, which might or might not be set up with a scenario, too.A train leaves Chicago at 7 a.m., traveling at 70 mph to New York, which is 800 miles away. We're going to ignore the questionable judgment he displays in loaning money to family. You can test out of the first two years of college and save thousands off your degree.Another train leaves New York at the same time, traveling on a parallel track to Chicago at 85 mph. The question is: why do we care so much about trains? If he loans you 0, how much interest will you need to pay? You decide that you want to be better about saving money. Anyone can earn credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level.For instance, let's look at how a picture can help you solve a word problem about a circle (specifically, a pizza): If you often have trouble visualizing problems such as these, draw it out.We know that we're dealing with a circle since our focus is a pizza. Because we'll need to solve the weight of each slice in ounces, let's first convert the total weight of our pizza from pounds into ounces.About 25% of your total SAT Math section will be word problems, meaning you will have to create your own visuals and equations to solve for your answers.Though the actual math topics can vary, SAT word problems share a few commonalities, and we’re here to walk you through how to best solve them.


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