Solving Pre Algebra Problems

Solving Pre Algebra Problems-85
It is standards-based, but what makes it different from other pre-algebra books is that it organizes concepts in a logical fashion, stressing practice and critical thinking.

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It speaks to the student like a conversation, not a “textbook”.

It is a great way to accomplish a course in pre-algebra at a minimal cost.

It's helped my 11-year-old understand more to where she's not so afraid of Algebra now.

I feel the page layouts help to eliminate the intimidation factor and provides just enough instruction to not overwhelm the student." - Judy J, "One of the first things I liked about Understanding Pre-Algebra was that even though it is written to the student it does not have a lot of required reading for each lesson.

For those students that struggle with the idea of algebra, it provides a non-threatening curriculum; and if a student needs more practice, there are many online worksheets and videos that can supplement if needed.

For those students who excel in math, it provides what they need without giving them a lot of busywork!It was written with the premise that students cannot problem-solve or take leaps of reasoning without understanding the concepts and elements that lead to discovery.The author—with 35 years of experience teaching mathematics—is a firm believer that understanding leads to confidence and confidence gives students the resolve to succeed in higher level mathematics rather than fear it.This reminds the students that they need to pay attention to those items.Tips and tricks are given to help students understand the concepts. The glossary is a great tool to have in case the student forgets what a natural number or a polynomial is." - Marilyn Banks, Math Tutor "Understanding Pre-Algebra is a combination textbook and workbook – everything is self contained, which has been nice.The lessons are fairly short (a couple of pages of reading) followed by practice exercises.No different from a traditional textbook except that there are lines on which to write the answers so no additional paper is necessary.I like how they teach not only things that you need to know, but also how to “think out” how to get there. " - Wendy, "Understanding Pre-Algebra is a well thought out curriculum and I honestly wished I had this when I was in middle school.We have been very impressed with Understanding Pre-Algebra and will continue to use it for our math curriculum." - Lisa, The Happy Homeschool Mom "I liked how this text/work book was set up.Each lesson first has instruction of the concepts, math vocabulary, critical thinking, and plenty of examples for learning how to actually do the practice problems that comprise the rest of the lesson.


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