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On 5 April 2017, the median gender pay gap between men and women working at Springer Nature was 15.12%, against a national median gap of 18.4%.Heidelberg | London, 31 January 2018Librarians to benefit from increased metadata quality and new features, such as the option to download journal metadata and to bookmark their settings to save time on repeated tasks London, 30 January 2018New support services to help the research community manage and share data are being rolled out by Springer Nature.London, 21 March 2018A report from Springer Nature published today reveals strong support for data sharing globally, yet identifies a number of common problems amongst researchers when they endeavour to share their data.

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London, Springer Nature sets out a new approach to research publishing with the goal of increasing the demand from authors to immediately publish their research open access (OA) and growing the supply of journals able to publish OA.

London, 26 April 2019Jisc and academic publisher Springer Nature have agreed a further ‘read and publish’ agreement that meets the aims of Plan S and offers researchers a funder compliant route to publishing in hybrid journals.

London, 04 September 2018The University of Cambridge has joined other institutions around the world in providing its students and researchers with access to Springer Materials, a research solution published by Springer Nature for identifying materials and their corresponding properties.

London, 29 August 2018We are delighted to be partnering with other publishers in promoting transparency in the peer review process by signing ASAPbio’s open letter.

As a leading publisher in open research, Springer Nature has long championed the move to greater transparency in peer review in particular through the BMC portfolio.

Newly created role brings together wide range of services London, 8 August 2018Following four years at Wolters Kluwer as VP Sales EMEA, Andy Douglas is rejoining Springer Nature as VP Commercial for Nature Research, the brand which includes London, 30 July 2018As one of the largest publishers of academic research, Springer Nature has developed a new position of Research Integrity Director to ensure the growing volume of scientific content being published continues to be rigorously assessed London | Tokyo, 25 July 2018A growing body of evidence has emerged in the last decade supporting the major role the human microbiota plays in health and disease.Today it calls on c OAlition S participants to put evidencing and promoting the benefits of OA at the heart of their strategy London, 18 December 2018BMC, the first publisher to openly post named peer reviewer reports alongside articles, is announcing the launch of a formal portable peer review policy on BMC Biology.The policy aims to speed up the peer review process and decrease waste in publishing.London, 22nd August 2019World's largest transformative open access agreement will enable researchers and students affiliated with the participating institutions to publish OA in the vast majority of the Springer Nature journal portfolio, resulting in expected 13,000 articles per year.Heidelberg | London | Seattle, 30 July 2019Semantic Scholar, AI2's free AI-based academic search engine used by over 4 million researchers each month, partners with Springer Nature to power advanced discovery of academic research content New York | Heidelberg, 20 June 2019 Springer Nature Video offers insights, research and training material from experts/ Medicine and Professional and Applied Computing will be the first video subject collections London | Sydney | New York, 19 June 2019 Major institutions in the US and China dominate the top ranks for output of quality research articles, but a new normalized Nature Index ranking reveals that some smaller institutes are punching well above their weight London | Berlin, 19 June 2019A global Springer Nature survey of more than 2,500 academic book authors provides in-depth insights into perceptions of open access (OA) | Conclusions and recommendations to further increase take-up of OA books London | Tokyo, A whitepaper “Challenges and Opportunities for Data Sharing in Japan” published by Springer Nature reports a survey of researchers in Japan about data sharing and management.To encourage the development of this promising field, Nature Research and Yakult have launched a new, multi-year competitive grant programme for research into the human microbiota.Washington, DC, 14 June Nature Research and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) will be convening a new conference designed to guide NASA’s approach to interaction with and control of the Microbiome of the Built Environment (Mo BE) of future spacecraft including transports, habitats, landers, rovers and spacesuits.| The agreement combines the opportunity to publish open access in more than 1,900 Springer journals with access to more than 2,000 subscription journals.Beijing, 22 August 2019Springer Nature today granted China New Development Awards to the Chinese authors of ten scholarly books in recognition of their exceptional contributions to the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.London | New York | Heidelberg, 9 April 2019Three two-day workshops led by the Nature Research Academies will provide Cancer Research UK-funded researchers with training on the principles and practices of research data sharing London | Heidelberg, 02 April 2019Innovative book prototype provides a compelling machine-generated overview about the latest research on lithium-ion batteries, automatically compiled by an algorithm developed in collaboration with the Applied Computational Linguistics lab of Goethe University Frankfurt/Main (Germany)London | New York | Tokyo, 20 March 2019The Nature Index 2019 Japan supplement shows that global research performance in Japan continues to fall, but the number of international research partnerships is increasing London | Heidelberg, 11 March 2019J. Metzler, part of the Springer Nature publishing group, will publish the open access book series on the DFG priority programme Translation Cultures of the Early Modern Period.London | New York, 7 March 2019Awards organized by Nature Research and The Estée Lauder Companies support the achievements of women in science and initiatives promoting STEM* subjects to girls and young women London | New York | Heidelberg, 26 February 2019 New patents module allows academic and corporate nanotechnology researchers to integrate patent searches and patentability assessment into their everyday work London, 11 February 2019Springer Nature is strongly supportive of Plan S’s goal to accelerate the adoption of Open Access (OA).


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