Ssat Essay Prompts

Taking the SSAT’s Official Guide, we decided to pull out the essay sections of the two practice exams and share with you not only the prompts, but frankly, the paper you can use to practice writing before the day of the exam.

Many students who take the SSAT mistakenly believe that the essay is the least important section – that, because it is ungraded, the essay is somehow less significant than Verbal, Reading, or Quantitative Reasoning.

The major difference between the tests is in how they test your abilities in each section of the exam.

The It's not scored, but a copy is sent to the schools to which you apply.

While it may be true that the SSAT essay will not affect overall score, as the SSAT essay is ungraded, it will be sent to admissions officers in the schools you are applying to.

Therefore, the essay should be seen as an opportunity to showcase your skillset, display your ability to write clearly and concisely, demonstrate your capacity to produce a high standard of written work under timed pressure, and exhibit your vocabulary and creativity.

SSAT stands for the Secondary School Admissions Test, and it's used for admission to private middle schools and high schools.

If you're looking to attend an elite private middle or high school, this is a test you'll need to do well on.

We took an official practice exam and pulled out the essay paper from it.

There were several versions, but the ACT gives students many sheets typically.


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