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Additionally, also the time of conforming to roles and expectations within the community or society (Bingham et al. Erikson suggests that at this time we are capable of learning, creating and accomplishing numerous new skills and knowledge.This is also a very social stage of development where, if we have unresolved feelings of inadequacy and inferiority among our peers, we can have serious problems in terms of competence and self-esteem (Harder, 2012).

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From the moment of birth to the child’s first birthday is called infancy.

This is when bonding and forming attachment to main care providers is first established.

Sigmund Freud’s theory of development of life cycle stages is one of the best known.

Freud believed that personality develops through a series of childhood stages during which the pleasure-seeking energies of the id become focused on certain areas.

Freud suggests that, if fixation occurs at this stage, the individual could have issues with dependency or aggression.

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Oral fixation can result in problems with drinking, eating, smoking, or nail biting (The Reasoned Society, 2012) As individuals, we all have personality traits.

The loss of friendship at this time in a child’s life can be very important also.

For many a time of new experiences, intense learning at school for others leaving school.

Because the caregivers are responsible for feeding the infant who is entirely dependent on them, the infant then develops a sense of trust and comfort.

The weaning process is when the infant must become less dependent on their caregivers.


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