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If you have a product that isn’t quite a fit for one of those marketplaces, look into selling on Amazon.

If you have a product that isn’t quite a fit for one of those marketplaces, look into selling on Amazon.

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When a customer places an order, you then order that item (at a discounted price) from the supplier, who ships it directly to the customer.

You’re essentially a middle person who’s earning a profit.

While it can be somewhat sporadic, pet sitting is a viable business that allows you to serve others and fulfill your love for animals.

Similarly, a dog walking business gets you outdoors while bonding with some adorable four-legged friends.

They’re not the most exciting parts of online retail but they can derail you fast if you’re not prepared.) If you want to run an ecommerce business—but don’t understand the ins and outs and also don’t have any room for inventory—dropshipping is a viable option.

As a dropshipper, you choose a product you want to sell from a supplier and list it on your own website at a price you determine.You can work with businesses to try out their latest products and give feedback, or even get your own site up and running where you offer insights into whether or not certain products are worth the price tag.Errands take a lot of time, and personal shoppers help to ease the burden by covering those tasks for other people—for a fee, of course.Are you a whiz at crocheting mittens or creating customized jewelry?Have you been sitting on a new product idea for years?Those who are both highly creative and organized might want to look into a business as a video producer.You’ll oversee and manage all aspects of video production—including pre-production, production, and post-production. If you have a background in programming, start your own business as an app developer. Almost every small business needs a website, which means there’s plenty of opportunities for website developers to build booming one-person operations or agencies.As a bonus, both options lend themselves easily to channeling your furry caretaking into fun business cards, social media posts, and even custom, yet professional invoicing to help customers spread the word for you.Do you love testing out the latest and greatest products on the market and providing a thorough review?It’s no secret that a lot of shopping happens online today, and there are tons of existing marketplaces that make it easy for people to sell their goods.Whether you create custom wedding invitations or refurbish vintage clothing, these platforms will help you get your finds and creations out into the world.


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