Supply Chain Management Essay

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The main objectives of this research are to structure a supply network through multiple tiers.

It extends in identifying the importance of Supplier relations management.

According to (Jaber 2009), Current inventory costs accounts to half of total logistical expenses of a supply chain(Lancioni 2000).

Improper Inventory management in a supply chain usually tends to increase conflicts between entities of the supply chain i.e., between retailer, buyer, manufacturer and suppliers, which may result to inefficiencies of the supply chain.(Jaber 2009).

Supply chain management's philosophy also suggests that its operations are not concerned only with logistics, but expands through all other operations of an organisation to achieve a greater customer satisfaction and value.(John T. Other basic characteristics of a SCM, according to (John T.

Mentzer 2001) are Considering the whole supply chain as a single entity and by this virtue, total inventory flow is managed in a SCM.This literature review is carried out to review current market trends and also to have a thorough knowledge correlating our main objectives.Ideas and thoughts of different authors has been analysed to demonstrate a more eccentric review of the topic.The purpose of a literature review is to describe the work that has been reported on a topic.It illustrates an individual's ability to identify vital information and sketch existing knowledge.In a ideal supply chain every firm is considered to be unified, thus in an ideally integrated supply chain, end users or ultimate customers are the pulling force of a value chain unlike classical way of Manufactures pushing the goods out(Tan 2001).Realistically achieving full integration of a value chain is difficult with its complexity, thus strategically important business organizations are emphasized (Tan 2001).Few case studies has also been analysed to understand practical difficulties and competitive advantage of a better supply network design.Table 1 illustrates various definitions proposed by authors.It emphasized on making each organisation more profitable without considering its other counter parts of the channel, Tier1 suppliers, tier2, distributors or retailers (Lancioni 2000).


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