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The Send me a status report when this task is complete check-box determines that after completing the task, owner will be noticed about this completion.Outlook transfers the responsibility about noticing the supervisor on the task solver because he has an option - thanks to the Send Status Report button - to inform the supervisor about the status change that is related to the task.Opening and closing the message will update this information in the task list: Some other limitations due to the type of your configuration can be found in the Restrictions of MS Outlook Within Work With Tasks article.

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The supervision over the task is lost - one task should have only one solver.

If you assign this task to the process initiator, he/she will be able to make any modifications so that the process can move forward.

Likewise, you can assign tasks to previous participants in a process instance.

Keep in mind that if you assign a task to an email address which is not a Flokzu user, and the Interaction with external participants feature is not enabled, the system won’t find a user to assign the task to and it will be assigned to the Administrator.

For the case in which you want to achieve dynamic assignation through form fields, instead of selecting a user or role in the Assignees tab, you should select a field (simple or multi-select combo box or email).


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