Technology And Writing

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Starr Sackstein provides lots of reasons in her book, Blogging for Educators: Writing for Professional Learning. Reviewer Mary Langer Thompson recommends the book for teachers who can’t keep themselves from writing.

This large collection by educators covers important ground, says classroom tech leader Kevin Hodgson.

This is one instance of similar methods of communication being used in very different ways.

Facebook and Twitter are two of the most frequently used social media sites.

Writing on the internet has a much more casual style than writing an essay or academic article.

There are still lots of variances of the writing style that is commonplace on each social media platform.

Emails are usually much more professional and formal and usually contain a proper greeting followed by complete sentences and formal ending.

We typically send them to very different people too, texts usually go to close friends and family, while emails are often reserved for more professional conversations with employers or professors.

People tend to post many updates of their lives, from graduations to new jobs to marriages. While the writing here is still very informal by most standards, it seems to be slightly more formal than the writing on other parts of the internet.

People use mostly complete sentences and usually aim for correct grammar and spelling, even though it is not always accurate.


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