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For example when you use a font that does not support non-Latin characters, but then non-Latin characters are added to the report and it is exported to PDF, they would be replaced by question mark character (? To view the list of fonts that are embedded in a PDF file, open the file in Adobe Acrobat and from the File menu, view Properties.

The Fonts tab displays the list of fonts that are embedded in the file.

The PDF rendering extension supports three versions of the standard – PDF/A-1b (2005), PDF/A-2b (2011), PDF/A-3b (2013).

The compliance level is defined with the rendering extension device info.

This topic describes features that are specific to the PDF rendering extension.

Due to anti-aliasing which some PDF viewers apply, report item borders may not be displayed consistently at different zoom levels in the PDF viewer.If there are Unicode Glyphs missing on the server, you may see characters replaced with a question mark and if there is a font missing on the client, you may see characters replaced with boxes.When designing a report that would be exported to PDF, you should make sure that the font you use in the report supports the characters that would be displayed.The PDF rendering extension is based on the Image rendering extension, with some differences.For information common to the Image rendering extension and the PDF rendering extension, see Design Considerations for Image Rendering.To sign a PDF document a path to a X.509 certificate is specified in the rendering extension device info.For more information see: PDF Device Information Settings.To make sure borders will be displayed consistently in a PDF viewer use a single color (e.g. The PDF rendering extension embeds fonts by default.This functionality is controlled by the Font Embedding device information setting.The file is compressed using the Flate Decode filter.The PDF rendering extension is a physical page renderer, thus has pagination behavior that differs from other rendering extensions such as HTML and Excel, which are not page oriented.


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