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According to this theory, great men rose out of destiny and made history.

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Some common leadership theories studied in Business and MBA courses include the following: Theories of leadership vary greatly; however, a successful leadership theory is one that can work in many different situations.

The Path-Goal theory of leadership is one that can be successful.

The key point to achieve excellent result is to choose a leader who you believe in and describe the significant traits that help him or her to change people’s minds.

You have to demonstrate good knowledge of the topic, provide extensive research, collect all information you can find in open sources about the chosen individuals.

Under this theory, an individual interacts with others, creating relationships that produced high levels of trust and motivation.

Transformational leadership theories put forth the notion that a leader can inspire and transform followers, who are then willing to identify with the leader and his or her objectives.

Are good leaders born, or can a person learn effective leadership techniques?

This debate is often at the heart of leadership theories.

There are many different theories and ideas that are related to leadership.

These various models give leaders ideas about how they should lead their organization to success.


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