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The obtained electrical results suggested that the complex dielectric constant (ε * = ε − jε), complex electric modulus M * = M j M , loss tangent (tan δ) and alternating current (ac) electrical conductivity (σ ac) are all a strong function of the frequency (f) and applied voltage.The changes in these parameters are the results of the existence of the surface states (N ss) or interface traps (D it = N ss), interfacial polymer layer, surface and dipole polarizations and hopping mechanisms.

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Also, the variation of Gaussian distribution (P (Φ b)) as a function of barrier height (Φ b) has been studied.

Therefore, the modified ((ln I 0 T 2 − q 2 σ 2 s0 2k T 2 =ln (AA *) − q / 0 B0 k T) vs.(1 k T)) relation has been extracted from (I-V) characteristics, where the values of Φ B0 and A * Simul have been found in different temperature ranges.

The obtained results have been compared to the existing experimental data and a good agreement was found.

In this paper, we first used both systems for the determination of the surface composition of an Al0.7Ga0.3As∕Ga As reference sample.

In that, we studied the impact of surface topography on the Auger analysis.


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