The Great Gatsby American Dream Essay Outline

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Inspired and determined to become worthy, Great Gatsby does everything in his power to fulfil American Dream.

Green colors bathing Daisy’s house in light nightly represent Gatsby’s desperate desire to rise above his station and obtain love from his woman.

However, in the end, Daisy chose to stay with her husband, who is an old money representative.

After Gatsby’s death, only several people visited his funeral.

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You can also check the Great Gatsby literary analysis essay right below.No one even noticed his absence and only several people expressed their desire to say goodbye to him.Therefore, despite all his attempts, Great Gatsby failed in achieving American Dream or becoming actually equal with people he hoped to belong.It further comments on Gatsby’s failure to achieve American Dream.This way, while he collected much money and was able to allow unimaginable luxury, he remained unrecognized and unappreciated.Some trends change but classics remain just that, classics, and they are studied by every generation.Each grade helps you work toward your final goal of graduating with superior grades and taking a prestigious position in a professional world.He seemingly manages to do that because he accumulates enough money to impress everyone, but in the end, it fails to earn him genuine respect from people he attempted to sway.Great Gatsby reunites with Daisy yet he does not win her love, just like he does not acquire sympathy as well as support from others.It implies that if a person is not born into wealth from the beginning, they will not be able to climb the ladder of social respect regardless of how hard they try.They will never be free from their less than stellar past and consequently, they will not find a place in a circle of old money crowd.


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