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This is the collection of University of Leicester theses from all departments that are mounted on the LRA.

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An examination of mindfulness in Part One: Literature review highlights the effects of the PD illness on people and their spouses.

It became apparent that there is a lot of stress in PD families and the researcher’s focus of study shifted to one asp... The lymph node microenvironment provides essential signals for the proliferation and survival of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) cells and contributes to resistance to chemotherapy.

Thesis abstract: Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients suffer from a progressive neurological illness that can affect their mobility and gait.

They suffer from tremors and stiffness and can have non-motor symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions.

These spaces are similar to solenoids in that each one admits an almost one to one map onto a solenoid.

In particular, we investigate a special class we call difference d substitutions. This thesis studies the organisational socialization of a rapidly growing number of biethnic newcomers adjusting to the workplace in Finland, a country with a high proportion of monoethnic inhabitants.The simplest families, where d = 1, are very close to solenoids in that they can be considered as a solenoid with o... The argument developed here is that, in order to understand a biethnic adjustee's organisational socialisation, it is necessary to study the individual's identity formation; social and communication skills; adjustment motivation and proactivity; upbringing, biethnicity experience, and the organ... The research conducted through a longitudinal instrumental case study assessed how students in Year 9 (13-14 years) on a student-centred music programme shaped and formed their identity through making musical choices.The sample cohort consisted of seventy-eight students, split into four music classes.Rather than regarding master’s studies as a ‘direct’ vehicle for upward mobility, graduate workers view it as a vehicle for ‘investment’ in their human and social capital that may be mobilised in exchange of superior...Au, Kwok Nin Astrophysical simulations are very useful for understanding the physical phenomena of the stellar systems.In this thesis we utilise a physically motivated model of pulse emission, tha...Amaral-Rogers, Alexander We focus on families of hyperbolic attractors for diffeomorphisms of the solid surface of genus two which admit the structure of a substitution tiling space for a substitution of constant length.In this simulation, the computational cost is one of the main concern.To tackle this issue, a choice of the time-step criterion is crucial.Using a novel dataset, this thesis analyzes these connections as a social network.This analysis uncovers the allocation of such money among legislators and the changing structure of this network, and thus of the changing nature of money in US politics.


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