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It is worth taking some time to understand this distinction, because the path taken in researching your finance thesis will depend upon it.The academic finance thesis has a strong theoretical component while the practical finance thesis is more concerned with depicting and analyzing finance as it takes place on the ground.

For example, the academic finance thesis may draw extensively upon theoretical concepts such as the business cycle or game theory whereas the practical finance thesis will remain empirically grounded in the activities of actual finance experts or companies.

Research procedures differ accordingly, with the academic finance thesis utilizing statistical research, market information, and other such data while the practical finance thesis may draw more closely upon interviews or case studies.

Depending on the topic and common type of research that is applicable (e.g, quantitative, qualitative), thesis supervisors may apply different formats regarding number of meetings, deadlines, etc.

The typical thesis process includes 5 to 7 meetings with your supervisor during period 3 and 4, but deviations are possible. In case your supervisor requests a paper version, you may hand it in personally or leave it at the student information desk Economics, who will then ensure the supervisor receives the thesis.

Howsoever it develops, a finance thesis must focus tightly on the more creative aspects of money management.

There are two kinds of finance thesis: the finance thesis that is closer in spirit to an academic thesis, and the finance thesis that exists in the world of practice.

The supervisor checks the thesis on plagiarism, grades it, and hands in the final version of the thesis and the evaluation form to the Student Information Desk.

If your thesis is graded with a 5, you have the option to revise and re-submit your thesis. Your supervisor will provide you with feedback of what should be improved.

The academic finance thesis will appeal strongly to theoreticians, and should this follow the accepted format of a business thesis: a problem/introduction statement followed by a literature review, methodology, argument, conclusion, and references.

The practical finance thesis, however, will proceed in a different way.


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