Thesis On Early Childhood Education In Pakistan

Thesis On Early Childhood Education In Pakistan-47
In urban preschools of Pakistan, parents are involved in their child’s education.Where as in rural areas, parents are not involved in their children’s education.

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In rural areas parents explicitly express preference for their son’s education as compared to their daughters.

From early childhood girls have less chance for play and enjoy the company of the friends.

Preschool education delivery is inadequate and many children of Pakistan are deprived of preschool.

Early Childhood Education should be part of education development of Pakistan.

To involve the community in childhood education is still not conceptualized in our schools.

All private schools charge high fees and making it in-accessible for many children.The Government schools have nominal fees but quality education is not available in these schools.The evaluation of early childhood education in Pakistan through this study identified that early childhood education practice correlate with attainable goals. Overall in Private preschools activity based teaching approach was in action. In Pakistan, though most of the Private schools stated with higher aims and objectives, but in most of the cases teaching the children goes on in traditional manner, i.e. The early childhood education programs look after the children’s academic needs and over look their health and psychosocial development.For this purpose political awareness and commitment should also be developed.Integrated curriculum should be developed to look after the whole development of the children. This study entitled “Montessori and Kindergarten System of Education in the Development of Social and Language Skills of Children”.The sample was comprised of ten schools and hundred students.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.Asghar Abbas| Ph D (Education) Scholar IIU Islamabad E-Mail: [email protected], Abdul Ghaffar Tahir| Ph D (Education) Scholar IIU Islamabad: E-Mail: [email protected], Ghayoor Ahmad Ghazali| Lecturer English HITEC College Taxilla E-Mail: [email protected] Early childhood education plays an important role in further education. The objectives of study were to compare the development of the both system in social and language skills of the students. The research was delimited to the private schools of Rawalpindi having pre-school education.


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