Thesis On Old Age

Thesis On Old Age-32
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, [Submitted]. Transport, unmet activity needs and wellbeing in later life – exploring the links.

Moreover, these ten approaches are used as lenses to develop hypotheses about possible linkages between wellbeing and mobility and how these can be understood and explored in empirical research on older people and other social groups.

Finally, a total of 27 empirical studies on the link between mobility and wellbeing in later life were identified.

These were critically examined and positioned within different conceptualizations of wellbeing.

One conclusion from the examination of these studies is that although they all show that potential and/or actual movement contribute to wellbeing in later life, what wellbeing is and means is often not problematized.

- Results from the quantitative studies suggest that the following indicators of individual abilities and contextual conditions are associated with better needs fulfilment, when all else equal: holding a driving license, good health (several indicators), financial resources, living alone, access to company on activities, temporal resources, the quality of the public transport supply, and residential location.

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