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To see the difference between a broad and a narrowed thesis statement, consider the examples below.

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The main problem with this thesis is that while familiarizing it, the reader will likely feel confused: “So, what on earth is he thinking about drug use?! So, do not let anyone question your critical thinking and pick up . Then go to the final, seventh idea…You can find plenty of thesis statement generators online.

And even more pleasant is the fact that most of these statement generators are free.

So, look through these seven ideas and come up with a thesis statement that will impress your professor.

Just like you don’t start your journey without an accurate road map, you cannot write a decent paper without a clear thesis statement.

But the problem is that you cannot fit them all in your paper, unless you want to confuse the reader.

So, consider writing on a limited number of topics and include them in your narrowed thesis.In the first place, the word pollution has a negative denotation: when reading this word, we already understand it stands for something not very good.Second, neither study indicates that pollution has any advantage. Non-debatable thesis statement is commonly boring, so you should better have a debatable one.Make sure that it is clear, succinct, thought provoking and deserves the highest grade!"), a = o r; try catch (c) } }; r(function() ); var reg = new Reg Exp("MSIE ([0-9] [\.0-9]*)"); reg.exec(Agent) ?Indeed, the second thesis has been narrowed to reflect a specific aspect of illegal drug use – drug violence.Remember that a strong thesis statement picks up one side or another, but never both.In an expository essay, you don't need to develop an argument or prove anything; you only need to understand your topic and present it in a logical manner.A good thesis statement in an expository essay always leaves the reader wanting more details.It means that drug use is a controversial public issue, and we cannot introduce a regulation that would satisfy everyone.In fact, it’s the worst thesis statement I’ve ever seen. ”Like in a real-life conversation, you cannot pick up both sides, since your interlocutor might think that you don’t have your opinion at all.


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