Thesis Statements For Human Cloning

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It can repopulate endangered species or make breeding of certain animals less difficult and can produce creatures with particular traits, such as genetically “special” animals. reproductive cloning, viewed 31 August 2010) In 1996, scientists at the Roslin Institute in Scotland have successfully cloned a sheep, named Dolly.

However, Dolly was produced only after 276 attempts.

It offers hope to people needing organ transplants since people requiring them often have to wait for years for an appropriate donor.

There are many cases whereby patients die waiting because of the numerous people requiring organs.However, I was also researching on teen pregnancy as it is quite common these days. On the contrary, there are some who thinks that it is people’s own decision. I am sure not many people know a lot about cloning.There are cases of teen pregnancy in the newspapers. It is quite surprising that people would want to clone their pets as it is very costly. Certain religions such as Protestants, Catholics, Buddhism and Islam think that cloning a human is like being God. Teen pregnancy is a common topic, one that you have heard many times. Cloning describes the processes used to create an exact genetic replica of another cell, tissue or organism.(Sabine Reinhold, viewed 7 August 2010) Approximately 15% of Americans are infertile. Federal statistics reveal that in-vitro fertilization and other related technologies have a success rate of less than 20%. Couples are having a hard time trying to have children and they must go through painful procedures.In addition, they are also expensive and take up a lot of time.This will be harmless and directly help the patients.Cloning can get rid of this problem by creating more animals who can be suitable donors.For example, when a kidney or any other organ fail to act properly, it may be possible to use the newly cloned organ and take out the spoiled organ.Cloning can make new organs required for organ transplants.There are also ethical issues such as unnatural acts, changing the diversity of society and risks of abuse and exploitations.Although cloning has been successful to a certain extent, there have also been a high percentage of failures which has raised some ethical issues.


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