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You can place a Thesis post image by just moving the box around.So you can put the Thesis post image box above the heading or below the heading or anywhere you want inside of that template and the image will display. Let’s come back and take a look at this post, scroll down here. So you’ve got your meta tag, meta description, meta keywords.And then you have the opportunity to give it some alt text and image caption.

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Remember last week when we were inserting those images we selected the size as either large, medium or a thumbnail.

But the size that’s displayed there is determined by the choice that you make when you insert it.

And Thesis included this inside of its theme and gave you the opportunity to specify a specific image to be the post image.

The size of that image is dependent upon the size that you actually insert.

But before we jump into those subjects, we’re going to first talk about something that I intended to talk about last week but inadvertently skipped over.

It became apparent to me that the use of post images in Thesis 2 and in Agility was something that needed a thorough treatment.But then you scroll down here to the Thesis post image and you can insert the Thesis post image by clicking on that button and selecting an image to insert.Or by getting the post image URL from the Media Library and posting it here.Difficulty Level - Beginner Filed Under Topics - Featured Image, Images, Thesis Post Image, Thesis Thumbnails Listed Under Lesson Subjects - BYOB Agility Nude Skin, Skin Editor - Images, Using Images Applies to - Thesis 2.0, Word Press 3.7 Well good morning everybody and welcome to Lesson 10 of our How To Build A Professional Website Using Word Press and Thesis 2.Today, we are going to be talking about how to use plugins, widgets, boxes and packages.And these post attachment images can only be located within the content area of the post.Let’s take a look at one that we did here last time…as I recall, we did the West Seattle View Home.And this is how you would insert a Thesis post image.This was a revolutionary concept in Word Press when it came out and for a long time, it was the only theme that had this option. The Thesis thumbnail is automatically generated if it’s from the Thesis post image.There are 4 types of post images that you have to work with inside of Word Press and Thesis 2.There are post attachments, Thesis post image, the Thesis thumbnail and the Word Press featured image.


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