Totality And Infinity An Essay On Exteriority

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Also, this does not happen because of any adventurism.

Instead of seeing in that concept another way of inserting the other into our world, the philosopher raises a much more open relationship in which the Although in other thinkers the reflection on death leads to ethical proposals, it is not until Levinas that we can find a more systematic effort.

An ethic in the strict sense of the term that derives from the death of the other.

It is not just the symbolic gesture and the banal celebration. To understand his work is also to enter suddenly in the fundamental debates of our time.

It is better to “deepen” and as suggested in his work, not only proclaiming the rights of the other but also questioning our own identity. Among the most discussed ideas, we recall his criticism of Western metaphysics that has forgotten ethics as the central theme of philosophy.

Then, his proposal underlies an ethical reflection of said figure.

That is, it helps us overcome the individuality that accompanies absolute freedom and to understand how that face in front of me acquires relevance.It is not just about symbolism and banal celebration.It is better to “deepen” and as suggested in his work, not only proclaiming the rights of the other but also questioning our own identity. Arocha The scope of my research and teaching includes Education, Intercultural Philosophy, and Continental Philosophy. Muerte y Libertad en la Obra Filosófica de Jean-Paul Sartre”, among other articles and papers in national and international journals.Undoubtedly, his work is complex and takes time to mature.However, once inside, we recognize that Levinas speaks to us from “outside” of theoretical knowledge.Regarding his life, first, we have his arrival in Strasbourg followed by the friendship with Maurice Blanchot. And just when the philosopher is acclimated the new epochal spirit, he begins to establish the building of his criticism.Thus, he published in 1930 his thesis Levinas is first known for his direct attacks on the thought of the German philosopher Martin Heidegger.Currently I am Editor of Revista Publicando, multidisciplinary academic journal; main editor and director of Dialektika, and independent researcher and content creator.A year ago I discovered my passion for coding, and content creation, hoping that in a near future philosophy, technology and new Media can lead us to discover new horizons.Heidegger is of the opinion that transcendence is characterized by an essential going beyond the factual situation towards his/ her ontological or existential possibilities.Transcendence is an acquisition of a truer being by effectuating a fuller actualization of human possibilities.


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