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Bottom line, do your research and plan accordingly. Depending on other factors, travel nurses potentially bring in over per hour plus company paid housing accommodations.Either way, it is definitely possible for travel nurses to make well over 0K per year.

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The good news is that many hospitals offer higher rates for their night shift assignments.

If you want to make the most money, flexibility is key.

While the factors listed above do influence travel nurse pay, the following types of assignments almost always pay exceptionally well.

Often times, these types of assignments are not influenced by location, specialty or shift.

Everything else aside, if you’re looking to make the most money as a travel nurse - seek out these specific assignments: 1.

Rapid response and “crisis” assignments: These assignments boast some of the highest rates in the travel nursing industry due to their urgent requirements.Travel nurse pay is totally different and can be a bit of a gray area.Typical pay packages are composed of various components including, hourly pay, non-taxed housing stipends, non-taxed per diems, travel reimbursements and more.I can guarantee you that one of their top 3 reasons was for the money.If money is a driving motive, there are surefire strategies you can use to maximize your overall compensation.The reality is, some travel nurses simply don’t make much more than they did as a staff nurse. Travel nurses can make much more money, in a short amount of time, by following the guidelines highlighted in this article.Pay rates fluctuate, last-minute contract cancellations happen and unplanned expenses come up. On the high end, many travel nurses can earn over 00 per week.We are assuming a general knowledge of travel nurse pay.However, if you are not aware, travel nurses receive both taxable hourly rates and non-taxed stipends.To be real, people who grumble about travel nursing are usually talking about the pay.Maybe they entered the industry with unrealistic expectations about a “get rich quick” type of gig.


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