Uva Essay Prompts 2012

Uva Essay Prompts 2012-13
The point is how did that information make you want to apply to this school.

The point is how did that information make you want to apply to this school.Here’s an example: “Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service is a well-known college for students interested in studying political science.

Also, studying at Huna University in China was a life-changing experience which left me yearning to study abroad again.

I know at Columbia this would be possible.” —Lmelcher, Columbia University ‘20 In this “Why Columbia?

The college application process is a two-sided one.

Applicants want to appeal to the university they want to attend by working hard throughout high school and writing an insightful personal statement.

Probing and impromptu questions always throw more light on the original thought process and creative thinking behind the facts.

Shorter idea proposition-correction cycles would also enliven the creative process that would beget still better ideas.Here’s an example: “Columbia is ideal for me due to its international focus, evidenced by the opportunities it affords undergraduates to study over 40 languages and study abroad in over 150 locations.Language study is a particular passion of mine; I’ve studied five languages so far and hope to continue my studies of Mandarin and Arabic, while possibly beginning to study a sixth language.The SFS offers 8 specific majors that helps students focus on a specific track of international relations they want to explore.In addition to that, Georgetown has over 200 co-curricular clubs for students to get involved in, which will allow me to explore my interests and engage in clubs I really enjoy.” The applicant fails to share what programs or qualities of Georgetown he or she is most interested in, and why he or she wants to enroll there.Similarly, colleges work on improving their facilities and boosting their academic departments to gain continued interest from applicants.With increasing competition, applicants are applying to more schools.Knowledge is critical but it’s no substitute for creative thinking.This is the reason I value accessibility to professors in Northwestern so highly.” —King Cooper, Georgetown University ‘14 What did this paragraph say about the applicant or about Northwestern? From big state universities to small liberal arts colleges, lectures and small discussion groups exists at most schools.It’s not all about what the university can do for you; it’s also about how you can help contribute back to the university’s community.Compliments are nice, but it won’t get you accepted.


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