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I suggest that you watch him closely, for he will presently demonstrate to you that money dominates everybody except the man who does not want money.You may meet that man on your farm, in your village, or in your legislature.But I can tell you for your comfort that the chief cure for it is to interest yourself, to lose yourself in some issue not personal to yourself—in another man's trouble or, preferably, another man's joy.

You will go in fear of him; he will not go in fear of you.You will do what he wants; he will not do what you want. I would like you better to be that man, because from the lower point of view it doesn't pay to be obsessed by the desire of wealth for wealth's sake.You will find that you have no weapon in your armory with which you can attack him, no argument with which you can appeal to him. If more wealth is necessary to you, for purposes not your own, use your left hand to acquire it, but keep your right for your proper work in life.(1928), a volume of Kipling's collected speeches.The address was originally delivered in the fall of 1907 to the students at Mc Gill University in Montreal, Canada. The government’s thought about giving a human life a monetary value is incorrect. households all over the state were devasted and bosom broken to hear that their loved 1s had pasted off. stated “just some unsmooth estimate of what I thought was just. Feinberg became accustomed to all the accusals and review. After lasting malignant neoplastic disease he learned to populate life to the fullest and value every minute of life. a authorities employee hired to counterbalance the victim’s households. Everyone should hold the right to acquire compensation to assist their households in instance of an acciden. giving more to some households and less to others depending on what their loved one was “Worth” is incorrect. Some of you will probably succumb to the poison of it.ask you, after the first heat of the game, that you draw breath and watch your fellows for a while.Sooner or later, you will see some man to whom the idea of wealth as mere wealth does not appeal, whom the methods of amassing that wealth do not interest, and who will not accept money if you offer it to him at a certain price.At first you will be inclined to laugh at this man, and to think that he is not "smart" in his ideas.


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