Violent Video Games Research Paper

Violent Video Games Research Paper-58
It is apparent that many children imitate the violence they see as they play the violent video games.

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Violent video games resolve anxiety inappropriately through its externalization, thus many children having anxiety internalize it instead of sharing with other people, talking about it or expressing it emotionally through crying.

Such children can kick even a wall, become mean to whatever they find around such as a dog or a pet or attack anything as a way of releasing the anxiety.

Many people watch videos regardless of them being violent or not because their aim is just entertainment after hard work.

Violent video games have more negative effects that the positive effects.

Consequently, the audience may start developing high rate, heart beats and the problem of blood pressure.

Watching violent video games lead to decrease of the behavior of helping other people, as well as feelings of empathy for other people.It is apparent that players of violent video games do not target at a specific audience, but they get sold to all potential customers in the market.Some of the positive effects of violent video games include; allowing children to improve their computer literacy and player’s manual dexterity.Many violent video games seek to show that people should be handled with violence regardless their status (Ferguson, 314).Violent video games, no mercy gets applied or help to the ones suffering, but violent gets applied even to the most suffering people in the game.The games are negatively correlated to some instances of pro-social behavior.Most of the violent Video games involve the use of killing tools such as weapons, knives, and blocks of wood.Like any other video games, violent video games increase the eye-hand coordination to the player.Violent video games have harmful effects to all people apart from the violent game players.Violent video games also allow teens to be more aggressive if the time to be taken from the video is long enough for the teen to keep watching.They allow the participants to improve on aggressive behavior, as well as aggressive thoughts.


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