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Therefore, employee training is necessary so as to enhance good co-existence.American employees have therefore gained immensely due to globalization.Furthermore, there has been an increase in employment opportunities because one can search for employment even in foreign countries, or in the foreign firms that invest in the local economy (Vallas, William and Amy 121).As a result, globalization has inevitably become part of the world and any step that is taken by people should have this in mind.Globalization has not only led to advancement in technology and increased volumes of trade, but has also had both positive and negative effects on people.The world is quickly becoming so integrated that it is difficult to think of any nation in absolute isolation.Gone are the days when people from one region would think of themselves as unique, and plan for their activities without putting people from other areas in mind.As a result, it has become a bit difficult for American professionals to secure employment.On the same note, globalization has led to increased immigration into the United States of America.Outsourcing refers to the process of contracting another firm to perform certain functions which were being performed internally.The aims of outsourcing are to gain competitive advantage, increase efficiency in execution of duties and reduce cost of production.


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