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Education is basically a social institution which has corresponding links with other social institutions—political, economic, family, and religious—of society.Not only this, education and other social institutions influence each other also. No educational system can operate without being influenced by the norms and values of society.

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Not only this, education divides the society into educated and uneducated, and this division has its own repercussion on society.

It creates as well as reinforces existing social class inequality.

To conflict theorists, however, education is a means by which powerful groups prevent change.

Schools stifle individualism and creativity in the name of maintaining order and, thus, the level of change promoted by education is relatively insignificant.

They view education as an instrument of elite domination.

They believe that educational system is used by the elite to maintain their social position.

In simple terms, education is the skill of reading, writing and calculating.

Education at primary level is the learning of the ‘three Rs’, i.e., reading, writing, and arithmetic, at secondary level of character building, at higher secondary level is understanding society, and at college/university level is skill training for the jobs. They do attempt to control and regulate students’ behaviour, reflecting the dominant social values of society.

Education is a process of learning in which some people consciously and favourably teach while others adopt the social role of learner.

In small pre-literate societies, such as hunting and gathering bands, informal education was widespread.


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