What Is Problem Solving Skills

Fixing things and building things is always a rewarding task.

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Learn creative problem solving skills and techniques.

Also a discussion on the process and theory behind powerful problem solving and creative thinking. A lot of people underestimate just how good they are at problem solving.

Steve Jobs Sometimes the problem you initially see is not the problem at all. If you solve the symptom you aren't solving the real problem, you're just putting a band-aid on it.

A great tool to help in identifying the Underlying Princple is Concept Triptychs.

Then we attack the problem from there and as the picture builds, the easier it gets. The result of search engines like Google and devices that increasingly hide the processing away from us is that we just expect the answers and results to be at our fingertips.

It's more work but the outcome is always much better. Many people are just seeking that silver bullet so they don't actually have to do any work. Often the difference between something working and not is a little detail you have missed.When you start looking at a problem and it seems really simple, you don’t really understand the complexity of the problem.Then you get into the problem, and you see that it’s really complicated, and you come up with all these convoluted solutions.This is one of those things you get much better at with practice.Often when a student is stuck I find that I can get them unstuck by simply asking them the right questions. In answering these questions, always try and find proof or evidence. It amazes me how often a student has asked for help in solving a problem and in the middle of explaining the problem to me they have realised the solution.To be an awesome problem solver, first we need to start with the right attitude.It can be good to write some of these down in places you will see them regularly so you are always reminding yourself.Slowing down can be difficult to do but can make a big difference.Another approach to help slow things down is to come back to a problem.Effective problem solving is more like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle.We first look at all the pieces, trying to find the ones that stand out (such as corners and edges).


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