What Kinds Of Essays Are There

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Writing this essay, you can manipulate readers' emotions, but your only tools must be facts and logic, not emotional pressure. When working on this kind of essay, you're supposed to cover one specific term.

Your major role is to explain your readers, what exactly does this term mean, and in what circumstances it is used.

Among all the types of essay analytical is the most exacting about logic and structure. Make clear statements and remember to use linking words to help readers follow your thoughts.

Primary goal: To give arguments “for” and “against” a particular position.

As you can guess, this type of essay is aimed at covering your opinion on the topic.

To make your job easier try to choose a side – don't try to persuade your readers that all opinions on that topic are possible.

You can imagine how these types are related to your topic and discover what the hardest is.

To understand better why different types of papers require totally different approaches, let’s look through these suggestions for different kinds of papers, all of them dedicated to the same topic of smiling and smiles: IELTS essay types are almost similar to the listed above types – they have analogous structure, outline, rules, and approaches.

It is suitable to talk about origins of the word and spheres of usage.

Primary goal: To classify a group of objects according to a certain criterion.


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