Why Do Homework

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If the bullying doesn’t stop, or it’s really bad bullying, you should go to the principal.

A really great trick is to go in with a question: Then you can tell your child that you will be getting an answer on Thursday about what steps will be taken.

It’s also important to ask your child this question: But make sure you’re not the one coming up with the solution.

It’s important that your child feels like they’re solving the problem on his or her own terms.

Your child might then shrug and say, “I could walk away from the bully.” You can suggest that they walk away the first time and say what they need to say the next time.

We have to be honest about how hard it is to face a tormentor.

You want to be in touch with the school long before you’ve got a threat of violence.

When the threat of violence comes, you’re in police territory.

That’s why there’s so much uproar about teasing and bullying, because once a child has been threatened with violence, it’s a really big wound.

It’s hard to tell that child that they can feel safe at school ever again. For the kid who gets an anonymous threat, going to school is terrifying minute-to-minute.


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