Why Man Marriage Isn For You Essay Misses The Mark

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In fact, when it comes to what is happening emotionally with boys and men, we tend to confuse what we expect of them with what they actually feel. This surprisingly simple line of inquiry can open a Pandora’s box of self-reflection for men.

They use the word “love” and they are proud to do so.

Consider this quote from a 15-year-old boy named Justin:[My best friend and I] love each other… you have this thing that is deep, so deep, it’s within you, you can’t explain it…

A partial list of the physical diseases thought to be caused or exacerbated by loneliness would include Alzheimer’s, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and even cancer — tumors can metastasize faster in lonely people.

As I sat down to write about Niobe Way’s research, a tweet by the philosopher Alain de Botton popped up in my stream:“An epidemic of loneliness generated by the misguided idea that romantic love is the only solution to loneliness.”And there you have it.


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