Window Cleaning Business Plan

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However, with a good marketing plan, this business is lucrative as it offers a service that is constantly needed.Windows do get dirty and therefore, services of a professional are required to clean them.

[/nextpage]Mary Morrison has had a successful career as a high school teacher having taught some of the best performing schools across the country.

During her career, Mary was recognized on various occasions for her exemplary achievements and impressive track record.

Zee Cleaners operations will be managed by Mary Morrison who is a retired teacher having worked for over twenty years.

Her passion for cleaning was the driving force why she was keen on starting a window washing business.

Zee Cleaners intends to offer a unique and professional window cleaning service to cater for both residential and corporate clients.

With an emphasis on exemplary customer service, the business intends to cater for different types of customers.

Morrison clearly has diversified her range of services to cater for a wider market segment.

Starting window cleaning business involves knowing in advance what services to offer to clients.

Mary Morrison’s passion for window cleaning started a long time ago when she was active in her teaching career.

She always had plans to start a window cleaning business as she had realized window cleaning services were on high demand.


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