Working Backwards Problem Solving Examples

Working Backwards Problem Solving Examples-35
Try it risk-free There are many ways to go about solving word problems in mathematics.This lesson will illustrate a particular solving process called working backwards.

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There are many different ways to solve word problems, so it is useful to know when working backwards is a good way to go.

Some characteristics of word problems that indicate working backwards is a good solving process to use are as follows: Did you know…

We'll see how and when to use this process to solve word problems. He give Susan 8 pieces, but she says she doesn't need that many, so she gives him 3 pieces back.

He gives Mandy 7 pieces, and lastly, he gives James 5 pieces.

At the end of the problem, Dan had 4 pieces of candy left for himself, so this is where we'll start.

Working Backwards Problem Solving Examples

Right before Dan had 4 pieces left, he gave James 5 pieces.

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We start at the end of the problem and work through to the beginning.

In other words, we do as the name of this solving process suggests - we work backwards!


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